Tuesday, April 8, 2014

#Happy #Yerevan - US Public Diplomacy in Armenia

I've been covering quite grim subjects lately, so decided it's high time I share some smiles and happiness here, too.

Here's a video the US Embassy in Armenia posted on its YouTube page just a few hours ago, produced in collaboration with the US Alumni Association of Armenia:

It is, of course, yet another addition to the whole series of "Happy [fill in the blank]" videos, based on Pharrell Williams' hit. It's an earworm, I admit. Yet, what makes this one special is that it was made by the US Embassy in Yerevan, featuring some prominent local stars, (presumably) the alumni of various US programs, and Ambassador John Heffern himself. Most of it was shot at the US Embassy, the American University in Armenia, the Cascade (Cafesjian Museum), and a few other notable sights around Yerevan.

It's great to see so many bright, funky, and happy people in Yerevan... especially these days. The video's currently going viral on my Facebook homepage (and, four hours later, has gathered close to 28,000 views!). Well done on happy public diplomacy! :-)

And just because I can: a few other #Happy videos to brighten up your day!

And a 24-hour-long clip, for non-stop listening: 24 Hours of Happy.

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