Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cold War 2.0?

Voice of Russia, the one that was scrapped and will be incorporated into the new "Russia Today" news agency, had a mind-blowing piece today, titled: "Orwellian US propaganda tool VOA finished in Russia". It was basically a reflection-rant regarding the news that Voice of America and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty will not see their contracts in Russia renewed after the current ones expire.

Reading the article first time was, indeed, very disturbing. Here's an excerpt:

With headlines from the Orwellian alternate universe that the United States exists in like "Experts Liken Ukraine Crisis to Soviet's Afghanistan Invasion" it can be no wonder that the Russian Government and in fact any truth loving country or citizen of the world might want to ban the voice of the aging recidivist Cold War propaganda machine seeking to stay relevant by creating its own bogeymen and brainwashing the masses to promote knuckle dragging caveman policies of force and subservience.
[...] The BBG should not worry though, last July they were allowed to broadcast their Ministry of Truth vitriol disguised as "democracy radio" into the United States after being previously banned. Useful tool I imagine for Obama's brainwashing of the American populace as they are being trampled upon and oppressed. 
I can say what I want about the BBG and their "product" and will not, unlike the Voice of America, try to convince you I am "fair and balanced", I work for the Voice of Russia and love Russia and President Putin, so I have a certain pro Russia bias. The difference is I am not hiding that fact and you dear reader can therefore adjust appropriately. I will say that we at the Voice of Russia are not trying to change reality unlike the Voice of America, and as for myself I am always trying to inform my readers of the truth.

And it goes on and on... Half-way through the second time, it was plain funny. And sad, of course. Between this and all the other info-warfare going on these days, I was reminded of good ol' Dr. Strangelove. Now, didn't HE know how to handle those Ruskies...

P.S. - By the way, I got curious about the author, John Robles -- the self-proclaimed truth absolutist, and Russia/Putin devotee. A quick search revealed that "he is currently the only US citizen granted political asylum in Russia". I guess that clarifies things a little...

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