Friday, July 19, 2013

Cartoon: On Security Challenges in #Sochi2014

So, Russia Behind the Headlines published a piece on "Challenges and cooperation for Sochi 2014 security" (which I just saw), talking about how Russia will need to impress the world and demonstrate that it is not only a fully "modernized" country, but also one that can put on a good show and ensure security during such a major event. But it's not the "Russian image" or public diplomacy aspect of the article that got my attention.

I almost fell off the chair when I saw the cartoon. It's hilarious (and tragic at the same time). It just had to be re-shared. Enjoy...

From: RBTH

As for Russia's stereotypes of Caucasians (the real ones; not the WASPs) -- I'll cover that in my next post...

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