Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Panel on Soft Power & US-Russia Relations

Last night I had the privilege of participating on a panel about soft power, Russian public diplomacy, and US-Russia relations. The event was organized by the alumni association of the Alfa Fellowship, a program that supports professional exchanges between Russia and the US and UK. It was a great honor to be there, with other notable panelists: Dr. John Brown (of Georgetown University and the author of the Public Diplomacy Press and Blog Review), Jill Dougherty (of the CNN) and Jason Jarell, President of the Alfa Fellowship Alumni Association.

C-SPAN covered the event, so fortunately, we have a full video of it. (It is not "embeddable", but you can watch it in the C-SPAN video archives here.)

It was a great discussion, and yes, there is much more to be said on the subject. But I hope that this could serve as a small - yet meaningful - contribution to the topic. I was just very happy that there was interest in this subject at all and certainly hope to see more of such events in the future. More importantly, it was great to be witnessing a US-Russia intellectual exchange taking place right there, last night, with a lively audience from US, Russia and elsewhere, visibly interested in the current relationship between the two countries.

Finally, I should thank the Alfa Alumni and Dr. Brown for the invitation, yet again. It was a wonderful experience!

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