Monday, February 4, 2013

New Paper on Armenian-Turkish Rapprochement

After quite a long period of deliberation, write-up and revision, a paper I co-authored for the Rethink Institute finally came out last week. Titled "Revisiting the Armenian-Turkish Reconciliation", the paper presents what we hope to be an alternative look at the troubled relationship between the two countries, and calls for a compromise by all the sides involved in the issue.

We also recognize the complex nature of the problems involved, and therefore, suggest adopting a multi-tiered approach to their resolution. It is in this regard that we wanted to highlight the importance of public diplomacy and people-to-people contacts. Those will help build a foundation for the more official efforts undertaken by both governments, since the rapprochement is a matter of a bottom-up approach as much as a top-down one. It's high time to revitalize the process, since the status quo comes at a very high price for everyone involved.

I am well aware that this collaboration itself, as well as the content of the paper might "raise some eyebrows", no matter the specific stance of the reader. But that is exactly what we are inviting the readers to do: get out of their comfort zones, put their selective perspectives aside, and rethink it all again, with the bigger picture in mind.

Who knows, with the right attitude, we might even see the conflict resolved some day...

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