Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Yeltsin Gangnam Style

Again, I'm not doing a great job keeping up with the blog. But, I hope my readers will pardon the absence of the busy PhD student. I will do my best to make up as soon as the semester is over.

Meanwhile, as I was doing some preliminary background research on Russian public diplomacy for my pre-dissertation work, I came across this priceless video.

Funny, that while Psy and his YouTube record, are credited for enhancing South Korea's soft power and promoting its nation brand, the dancing Yeltsin was certainly among Russia's worst image nightmares.

Food for thought... :)


  1. I guess it's because a dancing politician (in our case head of state) is kinda a laughing stock compared to some jet-setting youth who would emerge unscathed in this regard :) And it's just inappropriate (and everyone knew about Yeltsin's booze problem)...

  2. oh yes, I agree. Just as put it: "food for thought" :)

  3. don't know about others, but i'm your reader forever, so don't worry and keep up writing ;)