Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pentagon's "Hollywood Liaison" on WAMU

Just in case you missed today's Kojo Nmandi Show (and well, for those outside of the DC area, there would - probably - be no reason to be listening to it, in the first place), I thought I'd highlight the special guest he had: Phil Strub, the Director of Entertainment Media at the Department of Defense. In short, Pentagon's "Hollywood Liaison", that Al Jazeera kept talking about all this time.

Quite an interesting discussion, I should say, especially given that he seems to be the guy behind the scenes, rarely in the limelight. Especially not on a radio talk show all the time.

Interesting points to emphasize:

- He did acknowledge, quite openly, the "marketing" and "recruitment" objectives of all the Pentagon-supported movies.

- He would not accept any suggestion about attempted manipulation or censorship of scripts...

- ... although he did acknowledge the need for the movies to represent the Pentagon in a positive light to receive any kind of support or guidance.

- While Strub would not say that "Act of Valor" was a "Pentagon-made" film, he did talk about the fact that the initiative came from DoD itself for the purposes of recruitment.

Propaganda? "Never!"

Manipulation? Not really.

Then, perhaps, "image management" (not to use the term "perception")...?


  1. "Director of Entertainment Media at the Department of Defense" -- OMG what a title. I would simply prefer calling this functionary Minister of Propaganda ...

  2. Well, he provides "guidance" and "advice"... you know?