Friday, April 8, 2011

Medvedev vs. Putin: Take II

Blogging is perhaps the last thing I need to be doing right now, but coming across this great story and not sharing it here simply won't do!

Before I get any further, I'd just like you to ask yourself: how much do you know about the Communist Party in modern-day Russia, or how often do you hear/think about it...? If I'm to take a guess: not much.

But well, they [allegedly] came up with an ingenious plan to attract attention: incredibly successful, not just at home, but also abroad. Here is a supposed campaign ad for the 2012 elections: a whole new perspective on the world (and Russian politics?)! [Unfortunately, it is available only in Russian. For a decent translation, see here.]

Obviously, the video went viral after being posted on March 30. At the time of this writing there have been close to 1,881,000 views of it. And although most of those are certainly from within Russia itself, it has raised so much interest that even PRI featured a story on it two days ago.

According to Russia World Affairs Blog, the Communist Party denied making the clip, after taking it down from its website (where it was initially posted). Whether real or not, it certainly merits attention. But as to what impact it has on the image of Russia itself? That's a different question.

It is interesting to watch the Russian "YouTube-sphere" excel in such quality political satire. There hasn't really been a major response from the Kremlin, yet, however. Curious to see where it leads, especially with the world getting increasingly interested in Russian domestic politics (2012!), and its role in the world.

Can there really be a split between Medvedev and Putin?


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