Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Medvedev "Stuck in the '90s"

RT: priceless, as always.

Noteworthy: dancing to the Russian pop-hit "American Boy".

And if you want to take a better look at his real moves, watch the end :)




  1. I love this! Medvedev tweeted who he was dancing with and when the footage was filmed. For more info (along with screenshots of the original Russian-language tweets), go here:

  2. He is a nice guy and most importantly a sane person, unlike quite a few other presidents.
    He is trying to modernize and "Westernize" Russia... yet so many people around the world are still unhappy...
    He saved Ossetians and Abkhazians from genocide (or ethnic cleansing, if you will)...
    You guys seem to be unhappy until another Stalin or Khrushov or (even worse) Gorby shows up...
    Then you will be sorry, again!
    I hope one day (and, hopefully, when it is not too late) you will realize that Russia is your natural ally and friend, idiosyncratic as it might be at times (who isn't?).

  3. какую-то чепуху вы пишете, влад. про "славного парня" - это ладно, здесь всё субъективно. а вот что касается попытков "вестернизации" и спасения осетин от "этнических чисток/геноцида" и проч. - это вы явно в просак.

    мне, как русскому, странно вообще в интернете видеть человека, симпатизирующего медведеву.