Sunday, March 27, 2011

Russia: the place where you never know

This is a very "insightful" (and indeed very funny) video a friend shared yesterday. It is actually a commercial for Tochka Opory company that provides lighting solutions. Interesting ad idea to begin with. But more importantly, since it is also very relevant to some of the issues I keep touching upon in this blog, I thought it was worth reposting it here, too.

Capitalizing on most of the major stereotypes and images of Russia and Russians, this is perhaps a great approach to attracting the attention of potential foreign investors who would be vary of doing business in the country due to these (mis?)perceptions. The strategy seems simple: address these stereotypes head on.

This might actually be a good approach for Kremlin itself to consider in its public diplomacy effort. However, it would also need to provide a suggestion on how to actually deal with such (perceived) problems when in Russia (or when dealing with Russians): something this commercial does not do.

Enjoy the matryoshkas!

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