Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Empire: Pax Americana

Marwan Bishara is obviously on a roll. Another "Empire" episode, featuring professor Rashid Khalidi (Columbia University), Seymour Hersh, and Tom Pickering (please note: all Americans). Great, provocative discussion and certainly, raises good and the right questions, covering the "touchy" issues of double-standards, "democracy" rhetoric, American discourse on the Middle East (political, as well as in the media), and the big elephant in the room: Israel.

Concluding "quotes of note":

"I hope that just as the people in the Arab world are breaking the chains of fear and are willing to confront oppressive police states, so people in this country [the U.S.] start thinking about some of the formulas that have been fed to us, and will start to think openly and intelligently about what's really going on in the Arab world."

"The work of a diplomat is to take challenges and make them into opportunities. We have a lot of fertile field to work in, and now let us hope that it moves."

"This is a huge opportunity [for resolving the Arab-Israeli crisis, among other other things]."

In short: yet another must see. (Just don't forget the grain of salt, please.)

Aired on Monday, Feb 7, 2011.

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