Sunday, January 9, 2011

The First Gulf War: Media and Perception Management

Thought I should share this week's episode of the Listening Post on Global Chaos. Very insightful, provocative, but most importantly, puts things into perspective. Issues involved include - but, by no means are limited to - perception management, media's "rallying around the flag", the true dawn of 24/7 news, embedding of reporters, and the so-called "CNN effect" - i.e. media's influence on foreign policy decision-making. In short, a must-see.

Here I also need to point out PBS' "Frontline" special on The Gulf War, which, although produced in 1996, was reposted yesterday on the occasion of the upcoming 20th anniversary of the American involvement. Interesting to note: the total absence (on the program's webpage, too) of discussion on the circumstances that actually brought about the war and questions regarding Saddam's chemical weapons - where did he get the support to develop them, one may ask?

I really hope to see more attention to the "anniversary" and the issues involved over the coming days... if that's considered as relevant at all, anymore.



  1. You should check out John MacArthur's book "The Second Front" and Arthur Rowse's article "Flacking for the Emir" in The Progressive about how Hill and Knowlton sold the war. The Nurse Nayriah incident is chronicled well in both sources.

  2. thanks Paul. will def. check those out! i've got to read up on this - obviously :-)