Wednesday, January 19, 2011

DC hosts China's Hu

Since it's the big news in town these days, I thought I'd share this photo - taken over this past weekend - as downtown DC was getting ready to host the leader of the "World's Second".

Cannot but point out my friend's observation: "Two American flags for one Chinese." Later added: "[But] of course, the Chinese one is in the middle..."

Yet, the receptions (already past, and the ones that are still to come) seem to be pretty lavish. Not bad, Mr. Obama!

UPDATE (1/20/2011; 1:30AM): Just in case you didn't get to see what was going on at the While House today, here's some "raw" footage. Enjoy.

Courtesy of The While House.

And certainly, The State Dinner:

Courtesy of The Washington Post.

Jackie Chan was apparently the grand host ("cultural relevance" point - check!). And of course, it is very "important" for the media (and the audience) to pay special attention to Michelle Obama's dress (pretty good one, by the way)!

Courtesy of The While House.

Curious to see how this new "special" relationship develops in the near future...

UPDATE #2 (1/20/2011; 8:30AM): You can see the menu and the schedule of the state dinner in the official booklet. And here's the list of all guests. (Courtesy: Mike Allen, Politico)

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