Friday, November 19, 2010

Speaking of "framing" III - Outrageous!

Aha. As promised, here's the last part from Russia Today TV's "investigative report" on the super-secret "democracy promotion around the world" conspiracy devised by the American government.

The report:

The interview:

I don't think there is much more to add to what I already put out here, in the previous two posts.

Just two thoughts:

- USAID and NED... Really?! They "repeatedly refused" interview requests and declined to comment on these stories? Might be unpleasant and uncomfortable, and yet there is a case to be made. Otherwise, RT - and not only - frames the issue the way they want to. Unfortunately, the altruistic and disinterested mission of "democracy promotion" is not self-evident to everyone around the world, and therefore, a strong argument is indispensable. What were their communication representatives thinking? I'm afraid they both lost this public diplomacy challenge "test case" for the U.S. in this instance...

- Russia Today: please, please, stop being so obviously conspiratorial and bluntly insensitive. Seriously now. Who is the target audience? I'm sure the executive team there - even if not the reporters themselves - has heard of notions such as propaganda or selective perception. If not, I suggest you read up on it. Unless you stop undermining your own credibility in the eyes of your own intended audience, you will never get rid of the "propagandist" label. Sorry to be the one breaking the news to you.

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