Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Medvedev's Annual Address

Today President Medvedev delivered his key annual Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly. The speech is more than an hour long, and in between my slightly prolonged Thanksgiving weekend, final papers and projects, and the application deadlines, unfortunately I cannot get into a detailed discussion of his major points.

However, I wanted to point out that although he focused primarily on domestic issues, he also made several major points concerning foreign policy and diplomacy in particular (those come toward the end). Of course, the highlight has been his "threat of a new Arms Race" comment, and yet he talked about modernization, also touching upon the need to enhance Russia's Economic Diplomacy and improve the ties with the governments as well as the publics of Russia's Eastern neighbors. Russia's public diplomacy is turning to the East, now?

Here's his full address:


Funny to watch Putin's expression from time to time. Priceless!

And certainly, the full translation provided by Russia Today TV:

And for those who can't listen through it all, here's a quick overview:

Geez, Hibbert really does need to work on her accent...


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