Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Oh, these MidEast Talks...

I accidentally came across these cartoons and thought them noteworthy and very relevant... especially given the so-called "new start" of the Middle East Peace Talks hosted by Pres. Obama (which, by the way, already seem to be bound to fail, despite all the lofty talk at the White House, tonight.)

The cartoons are from, and I certainly recommend checking out the website. They've got many other great ones!

(See original here.)

What is even sadder, is that these are, obviously, at least five years old [since they still feature Sharon.]

(See original here.)

Same old issues. Same old approach. History just keeps repeating itself, especially in the Middle East...

To quote Daniel Levy:
Much of the pessimism surrounding this week's peace summitry derives from the rather stunning lack of originality in the approach being pursued by President Obama and his team. As currently structured, this peace process really does resemble the movie that we've seen before -- the one with the unhappy ending.

Good luck, Mr. Obama.

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