Saturday, August 28, 2010

Putin and the Lada. Yellow.

This is a new episode in the "Vova Series".

Apparently, Mr. Putin is not only promoting his own image as a man of action and a PM who, finally, brought a decades-long construction project to completion; he is also actively promoting domestic car production. His trip along a part of the newly-built 2000 km Amur (Khabarovsk-Chita) Highway in Russia - in a yellow, stick shift Lada - was enthusiastically covered not just by the domestic media, but also by prominent news outlets such as the AFP, Telegraph, and even Herald Sun (in faraway Australia).

I just find the whole thing extremely funny... and wanted to emphasize the significance of the color choice: Yellow most certainly grabs attention and goes in very well with Vova's image as the "energetic, can-do leader of all Russians".


And the major story: from the state-owned national 1TV Channel [in Russian].