Friday, July 9, 2010

DoS Censoring Aliyev?!

I'm not sure if they are. I just find it very amusing that at least 40% of President Aliyev's remarks after the meeting with Secretary Clinton, as she was touring the region last week, were "inaudible".

Here's the very substantial and meaningful statement, in its entirety, as it appears on the official website of the State Department (date: July 4).

"PRESIDENT ALIYEV: (In progress) (Inaudible.) And I am sure that (inaudible). So it's very important for (inaudible) and the relationship with United States and Azerbaijan since (inaudible) very successful. We worked closely on (inaudible) we participate in (inaudible). (Inaudible) we worked on issues related to the fight against terrorism. And, in particular, (inaudible) policy. And (inaudible) working closely with us and (inaudible) on the resolution of (inaudible). This is a major problem for us, and a major threat to the (inaudible).
As you know, for many of us, our lands are under occupation. United Nations Security Council policy, European parliament, (inaudible), Islamic (inaudible) organization, all of (inaudible) resolution, which reflects the situation, and which demands the withdrawal of Armenian troops from international (inaudible). We want to find a resolution based on (inaudible), and we want to find a resolution as soon as possible, because our people are suffering.
I am sure that all these issues are not (inaudible) today, and I am sure that (inaudible) relations between our countries (inaudible). Welcome (inaudible)."

I wonder who prepared the transcript, and why there are no similar problems with Secretary Clinton's statement? Is this a major public diplomacy blunder by the Azeri authorities, who failed to make sure that the President actually makes sense, or was there an issue with the content of his statement itself? DoS is the gatekeeper of its own website, after all...

Thanks to Yandunts for pointing this out to me!

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