Friday, July 9, 2010

Don't you just LOVE the "media war"? (Part II)

In December last year there was open and fairly direct hostility between FoxNews and RT. Apparently, they haven't got over it, yet. On the contrary, it's got even better. All they need to do, now, is to start pulling each other's hair. Literally, I mean.


This part was curiously left out of the video (see the story here):
"...and please, stop calling RT 'state-run'. I have heard that repeated again and again; it’s not. The Kremlin does not sign our paychecks or tell us how to do our stories, surely not more than Rupert Murdoch tells you how to do yours.”
And here is the segment from the Alena Show.

Unfortunately, I was unable to find Glenn Beck's piece, in its entirety, but I guess the videos above can be considered as fairly representative.

This is sad, funny, alarming, ridiculous... (I'll spare you the trouble of listing the synonyms). And they don't even charge the audience for the circus. What concerns me most, though, is RT's response: straight from elementary school, and using Mr. Beck's own "rhetorical" style.

So much for maintaining credibility and, at least, trying to achieve effective public diplomacy. Way to go, RT.

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