Saturday, July 24, 2010

"Black-clad Putin. Roaring into a bike fest."

Ran into this Reuters segment: PRICELESS.

I should say this is a clever move by Mr. Putin, be it in terms of "personal" ratings, or public diplomacy. After all, just a while ago Ukraine was one of the more "hostile" neighbor states.

Most notable lines, to highlight, are: "the bike is a symbol of freedom," and more importantly:
"Long live Russia.
"Long live Ukraine.
"Хай живе байк [Long live the bike]."
Well done, Vladimir Vladimirovich.

UPDATE [July 25, 2010]: Apparently, Russia's representative to NATO, renowned Mr. Rogozin, made an appearance at the bike fest, too. See his comments [in Russian] here.


  1. What's a bike got to do with politics?

  2. it's PUBLIC politics :) cheers!

  3. To get the "environmentalist" vote, maybe VV should start riding around in a bicycle...

  4. Hahahah :) GREAT POINT! I wouldn't be surprised, if he did that, too. I really hope populism stops there, though...