Sunday, May 9, 2010

Victory Day Parade - Red Square

In case you missed it on TV...

Part 2

And the "interesting angle":

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  1. Thought you might like a piece from Prof. Seib, the director at the USC Center on Public Diplomacy on Russia as a testing ground for PD:

  2. I see Paul beat me to the punch on recommending the Seib piece. Great footage, Yelena. This reminded me of the time I asked some Czech friends if they celebrated Independence Day with parades and they all laughed at me. Evidently after years of mandatory communist parades, they lost their novelty and in post-communist CR it was almost impossible to find anybody willing to volunteer for one. Sometimes a parade is just a parade -- and sometimes it says more than it intends.

  3. Thanks for the piece. It is indeed very interesting, and very true! The U.S. never stopped being a major foreign policy concern for Russia, and while the Western world is indulging itself in the "new" asymmetric warfare (should I say, "exaggerated inconvenience"), other powers (including, but not limited to Russia, China, or India, for that matter..) are certainly sticking to the more realist outlook of big guns and hard power (military and economic). And I would say that it is still, indeed, very much the state of play around the world...
    as for the parade: it was VERY symbolic, and I couldn't help but laugh at the irony when the current Russian (and former Soviet) anthem was playing, with most of the former USSR AND some WESTERN troops lined up there, and with Merkel whispering something to Putin's ear. Impressive, memorable, smart.
    And I will disagree with you, Laura, since I think that was EXACTLY what this parade intended to say: Russia is back, much more powerful and influential than any time in the past 30-40 years, and it is here to stay.