Tuesday, May 4, 2010

RT: One Last Time

As I kept mentioning before, Russia Today does produce amazing journalistic masterpieces every day (with only some noteworthy exceptions, now and then). Repeating it is tiresome (as, I'm sure, is the reading about it), but since a recent story I stumbled upon is too priceless to ignore, I will indulge one last time.

I guess this takes RT off the "family friendly" TV channels list.

What I'm curious to find out, however, is whether the Russian people know what their taxes are paying for... and whether there is anyone out there, in the unbreakable fortress that is RT (yes, I've been trying to contact them since January... to no avail!), making any editorial assessment of the content before it is aired; especially, in terms of its "public diplomacy" function.

Way to go... indeed!



  1. Aww, you're such a cynic, Yelena! This is a feel good story the whole family can enjoy! Don't be so bourgeois. :)

  2. yes, I guess I have to get back to "appealing to the masses" :))

  3. I agree with Ms McGinnis:
    Don't be so bourgeois!
    Or as Lenin, whom you seem to denigrate, would say, "Да Вы, батюшка, склонны к мелкобуржуазной психологии..."
    Uf, "wholesome" proletarian morals are even worse. Trust me on that one!
    Proles are proles...

  4. yes, seems like they're exploring the various ways of truly horizontal communications in PD. in THIS form, however, it's SAD.