Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oh, these "revolutions"

Reading all the sad news from Kyrgyzstan today, the only thing that these unfortunate events remind me of is this old-time saying - "be careful what you wish for."

And of course, the Soviets had a joke (just as on practically anything):

In 1921, two [former] Red revolutionaries meet and start talking about all the hardship and the horrid famine that hit the country. One of them says, "Hey, let's organize another revolution!" The other replies, "What if we win again?"

Of course, the case is VERY different here, but the parallels of irony cannot be ignored. I just hope people don't suffer anymore.

And, interestingly, there seems to be an absence of a virtual revolution on Twitter, and indeed, it is surprising that it has not yet received another "color" brand. Or is it not?



  1. Yelena, I think you may have a Soviet joke for every occasion. But they're so apt! And I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for a Twitterevolution. Kyrgyzstan, like Honduras, doesn't have quite the glam appeal Iran enjoys in the U.S. press. I don't exect it to get the same attention.

  2. Well, interestingly enough - it DOES get quite a bit of a media attention, but sadly, the attention seems to be focusing on the Manas military base. So much for the support of "democratic reform" and human rights in "former" dictatorships.
    As for Twitter, it's quite telling that there isn't much coming from either inside or outside Kyrgyzstan... which, you correctly pointed out, cannot be even be comparable to Iran's case (where the internal T-wave was mostly encouraged by the "external" one). And although I was referring to the Rose, Orange, and Tulip Revolutions when talking about colors, I guess Iran's case can be a good "parallel" too (although, quite different): namely, foreign intervention...