Saturday, April 10, 2010

Nazarbayev, nukes, and PD

I ran into this "piece of art" today morning at the corner of E St. and 7th. Just too priceless not to share.

With the Global Summit on Nuclear Safety just 2 days away, seems like OSCE's 2010 Chairman is not losing the opportunity of "speaking to the world" and venturing into the domain of Soft Power by sharing some of the Semipalatinsk horrors.

And yet, it's all the more ironic that the Human Rights Watch called on Obama to use this week's opportunity to put pressure on the Kazakh leader regarding the "democracy" (rather, absence thereof) and human rights issues in his country. And although the fact that Kazakhstan is chairing OSCE shows that economic and hard power are still the major factors that matter in international affairs, it is also quite telling in terms of Nazarbayev's desire to host the OSCE Summit of the decade and display the "architectural achievements" of his new capital (if nothing else).

President Nursultan Nazarbayev has been in power since 1989. Read more here, and more on the real background here.



  1. So what's your take, now that the summit is in full swing? I haven't heard much on Kazakhstan in the reports I've been listening to.

  2. well, he's TRYING, let's say. they are also having many cultural events this week, apparently. just check this out - their Ambassador even has his own blog!!! (MUCH better than Russia, yeah? :P) - :)))