Friday, February 12, 2010

The Snowpocalypse: Round III

Tuesday night. More than half of the weekend's 20-25 inches was still not gone, and we had to gear up for Round 3: about 10 more inches. It should just NOT snow in DC!

A view of my roof. Had the window open for some of that real fresh air: just 15 mins and the snow was encroaching upon my territory!

Real blizzard. Arctic conditions. Loved the swirls!

Snow dunes, ridges, and other formations...

Did I mention the Artcic...?

And apparently, this winter Washington broke its 110-year record with 55.9" of total snowfall. The bad news is: we might have even more, some time soon...


  1. I know it's been a drag, but these photos are beautiful.

  2. thanks :) i was SO happy to enjoy the sun today, finally, though i must have stepped into a few knee-deep puddles..