Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kosovo Birthday: II

And this is the under-reported side of the story. Although biased, it is NOT far from reality, and represents the perspective that clearly runs the risk of being ignored.

RussiaTV's agenda, however, it not that clear...

And here I should note a discussion we recently had in class about differing values and time-orientation, including the time-frames within which historical change is perceived. Talk of "forgetting the past for a vision for better future"...



  1. I wonder on what evidence you base your conclusion that this wag-the-dog-style of reporting in not far from reality.
    It's been 9 months since I moved to Kosovo, and I should say that life here is totally different from the version divulged by international media.
    The whole issue of cohabitation is way more complicated than physically divided cities. Unfortunately, Kosovo Serbs have been suffering from the propaganda of radical parties in Belgrade, which has led them to self-isolation in the enclaves. The problems mentioned in the TV story were actual 5 years ago. I have had the chance to travel around the country, and cannot say that I felt threatened in Serbian enclaves. Similarly, I have not seen any person speaking loudly in Serbian getting attacked. It is the lack of contact between KS Albanians and KS Serbs that has left the whole process at a standstill. KS Serbs think that it is still 1999.
    There are initiatives like that are being successful in opening the debate on serious issues affecting KS Serbs and KS Albanians. I don't think think that RT would ever mention such an initiative, that shows the reality of Kosovo's ethnic, cultural, and political intricacies.

  2. i appreciate the comment. i believe my "vantage point" should have been clear from the very start, since this is how the matter is seen by someone from abroad. i never said RT's reporting is truthful, OR reliable for that matter. but i do believe there is an element of reality there, in the sense "divisiveness", to which you referred yourself. of course, this report has conveniently left out WHY KS Serbs and Albanians can't get along well NOW, but the fact is that there are these tensions. and until the world sees RELIABLE information to prove the opposite, perceptions will be manipulated by similar attempts.
    i don't know if you saw my previous post. i do think that Saatchi & Saatchi are doing a great job! but i don't think that a good brand on its own can solve this problem.