Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Self-destructive consumerism

"Goods and services providers" have been in panic since those first heavy snow forecasts last week: of course, their fear was that in the much-coveted pre-Christmas time everyone stays at home and doesn't generate enough (or rather - the expected) revenue. Well, we all know that it's kind of untrue, as those, who left Christmas shopping for the last minute, are going to do it no matter how much it snows outside.

And many also know that much of the DC area was paralyzed because of some 15": a usual (or even laughable) phenomenon for many... so shoveling was a skill EVERYONE around here could use, even if just for the sake of being able shop.

Anyway, here's an ad I got from Borders last night, and thought that it rarely gets THIS ironic and self-contradictory...

Merry Christmas!

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