Saturday, December 19, 2009

D.C. Snowstorm: Day 1 :))

 That's how it all started... (my roof at night).

And the view in the morning :))

Lots of snow, indeed...

My window!?!?!?


The Park Road view..

You can't see even some of the cars!

Yeah... this is how havoc descends upon D.C., apparently. People need to start getting used to it, though, with the rapid changes in the climate...
a good wake up call, perhaps? If only it is heard...


  1. Lena jan, Hurry up with the idea of a new photos camera... you need a professional one hoqis... I'll have my input to that idea as I said... The photos are very impressive and good!
    As for the weather changes.. you are right. People in there especially, should get used to the idea and the consequences of their irresponsibilities. Perhaps they can think more and longer now...!

  2. they SHOULD. but apparently, they don't... as we can see. and it's all too sad.. :(